Task Definition: Optimised Integration of Solar Thermal Systems

April 29, 2014 - Freiburg, Germany

For the collection of ideas and possible country contributions we hereby invite you to a concept paper workshop on 29 April 2014 at the Fraunhofer Instutitute of Solar Energy Systems, ISE in Freiburg, Germany. The new task shall be defined unter the umbrella term "Optimised integration of solar thermal systems". This covers a range of topics that could be addressed in the frame of one or several tasks. During the workshop we will therefore focus on three key topics that will result in one or more task proposals depending on the available interest and expertise:

  • Multi-functional facades for retrofitting
  • Cost reduction with polymeric collectors
  • Standardization of controllers for building energy management

We would like to invite everyone who can contribute to these topics to join us and produce one or several concept paper(s) with a group of international experts. Please also contact suitable participants in your countries, or name us experts in the field and send us the contacts. For more information please contact: sandrin.saile@ise.fraunhofer.de.

The registration for the workshop is open till 25 April 2014.

Accommodations in Freiburg

  • Hotel Stadt Freiburg 
    Close to Fraunhofer ISE and workshop venue (approx. 20 mins from the city center), with special rates for ISE guests. Please indicate your connection to Fraunhofer ISE upon booking.
  • Novotel Freiburg 
    Opposite Freiburg main station, close to city center (approx. 20 mins to Fraunhofer ISE)
  • Park Hotel Post 
    Next to Freiburg main station, in the city center (approx. 20 mins to Fraunhofer ISE)

Monday Get-together

Time: 19:00

Location: Warsteiner Galerie, Milchstra├če 7, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
Map & Details

Meeting Information

For more information please please contact: sandrin.saile@ise.fraunhofer.de.