A Solar Academy On-site Training Event

October 31 - November 1, 2018 | Lianyungang, China

By the opportunity of Task 55 expert meeting held in China, Chinese country member of SHC applies for an onsite training course and approved by SHC Solar Academy. In October 31st to Nov. 1st, onsite training course Solar District Heating System was finished successfully in Lianyungang under the organization of China Academy of Building Research (CABR) and Jiangsu Sunrain Solar Energy Co.,Ltd.

4 experts are invited for giving presentation on solar district heating system during 1 and half day training.

  • Jan Erik Nielsen, Operating Agent of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Program for the Task 45 and Task 57, ESTIF Technical Consultant, shares the system design and performance guarantee of solar district heating system
  • Jianhua Fan, Tenured professor of civil engineering, Technical University of Denmark(DTU), shares the system analysis and key component selection on solar district heating system.
  • Ruicheng Zheng, Professor of China Academy of Building Research (CABR), Chief engineer of National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Solar Heating System(Beijing), shares the heat consumption calculation and HVAC (heating ventilation, air-conditioning) System Design on Local Buildings in China
  • Christian Holter, CEO of SOLID GmbH, shares the case study of large-scale solar heating and cooling system

The training course covering building energy consumption, key component, system analysis and design, performance guarantee and case study, highlighted the technical and economic requirements for the commercial solar district heating and cooling market. All presentations were presented in both English and Chinese.