IEA SHC Solar Academy: Solar Heat and Electricity: PVT Solutions for Buildings and Industry - Task 60

Wednesday, 25. March 2020 / 14:00 to 15:30  (PM - GMT/UTC)

Over the past few years, PVT systems that combine solar thermal technology and solar PV have gained more attention. In 2018, IEA SHC started the Task 60 called “PVT Systems” to better understand the applications of the technology. PVT solutions can be used in several ways, and Task 60 is currently investigating its application for heating/cooling residential, commercial, administrative and industrial buildings.

This webinar will introduce the current status of PVT technologies, show examples of systems, analyze the markets and trends, and talk about the key findings of Task 60.

The webinar will welcome the following three presentations:

  • Jean-Christophe Hadorn: Why consider PVT systems?
  • Laetitia Brottier: Overview of the PVT industry and perspectives
  • Daniel Zenhäusern: PVT systems figure of merits and KPI

Q/A Session: The 90-minute webinar will include a 30 minute Q/A session.

Webinar Recording & Presentations


Jean-Christophe Hadorn

Jean-Christophe Hadorn is the leader of SHC Task 60 on PVT Systems: Application of PVT Collectors and New Solutions in HVAC Systems and CEO of Solar energies and strategies, a consulting company in Switzerland. He began his work in solar thermal and PV in 1979 and over the years has participated in and lead several SHC Tasks.


Laetitia Brottier

Laetitia Brottier is the co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of DualSun. As head of Innovation and Research, she is responsible for keeping DualSun a technological leader in the PVT market. At the end of 2013, DualSun was the first module in the world to pass the PVT IEC certifications. In 2020, DualSun is launching its 4th certified version, an even more powerful and competitive module. 


Daniel Zenhäusern

Daniel Zenhäusern is a researcher at the Research Institut für Solartechnik, SPF, the main solar research institute of Switzerland and is the leader of SHC Task 60: PVT Systems Subtask D on PVT systems design examples and dissemination and market support.



Bärbel Epp is the founder and managing director of the German consultancy solrico – solar market research & international communication. She is responsible for the international newsletter on the web portal, reporting exclusively about market and technology trends in the solar heating and cooling sector.


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