Webinar GraphicTUESDAY, December 5 -- 4:30 PM (GMT/UTC)
THURSDAY, December 11 -- 7:00 am (GMT/UTC)

This Solar Academy webinar will facilitate a timely discussion on emerging PV water heating technologies (i.e., PV diverters, smart tanks, PV2Heat, and associated control systems) along with their safety/grid integration issues, regulations/standards, value creation (including FCAS), and subsidies and support mechanisms.

Webinar Recording


  • Dean Clift of Rheem Australia and Baran Yildiz of the University of New South Wales - Sydney, Australia
  • Panel Discussion: Ruchika Deora of C4NET, John Theunissen of C4NET, Paul Corkill of Solar Victoria's Policy, Programs and Industry Development
  • Moderators: Robert Taylor, Task Manage of IEA SHC Task 69 on Solar Hot Water for 2030 and Jianhua Fan the SHC Task 69 leader on Training and Standards
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